Popolo Shopping Center

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Popolo Shopping Center
Ticket counter in the retro Popolo Cinema

Ticket counter at the retro-style cinema in Kure’s Popolo Shopping Center

The Popolo Shopping Center is a small mall situated on the traditional shopping boulevard, Renga Dori.

Just a short 8 minute walk from Kure City Station, the mall features a Tully’s Coffee café on the 1st floor, opposite a local popular bakery. The 2nd floor of the mall hosts a large discount store which is a great place to purchase home essentials. The 4th floor of the mall, accessed by elevator, contains a cosy cinema which often shows new western films in English on its two screens.


Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Website:  www.popolo-kure.co.jp/
Phone: +81 0823-25-5411

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