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Posts detailing the history of, or showcasing historical places in, Kure City.

  • The world’s largest and most powerful battleship, the Yamato, was built in Kure, and here you can see a 1/10th scale model of it, along with other large exhibits such as the Zero fighter (kamikaze plane), and Kaiten (human torpedo).

  • Get a unique view of submarines in active service. Four red brick warehouses built around 1900 (during the Meiji era) stand behind you as you look over the subs.

  • Established in 1890 during the Meiji era as a cemetery for navy personnel, this somber place also contains tombs of British sailors, individual monuments, and monuments to the war dead from the battleship Yamato.

  • Kure lies on the calm Seto Inland Sea, surrounded on three sides by green mountains. These geographical features led the Japanese Government to establish a navy base in Kure and, in 1903, the Kure naval arsenal.

  • Kawachiya (now Miyakehonten), founded in 1856, started making sake in 1902, the same year that Kure became incorporated as a city.

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