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Irifuneyama Memorial Museum

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Irifuneyama Memorial Museum
Edifice of the main residence at the Irifuneyama Memorial Museum

The house built for the Kure Naval Commander-in-Chief elegantly combines Japanese and Western sensibilities

At Irifuneyama Memorial Museum you’ll find a mix of traditional Japanese and Western-style rooms. The design of the main residence expressed the height of culture at the time. Handmade gold wallpaper within the residence was also used in Buckingham Palace.

A museum on site details the laborious process of creating the gorgeous wallpaper within the residence.


Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Closed on Tuesday (if Tuesday is a national holiday, the museum will be closed on Wednesday)


  • 250 yen adults
  • 150 yen high school students
  • 100 yen elementary and junior high school students

Website: www.kurenavi.jp
Phone: +81 0823-21-1037

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