Peter Chordas

  • The steps of Ryojyo appear in the film Sea Monkey in the scene where the divers are training by running up and down the stairs carrying oxygen tanks on their backs.

  • Established in 1890 during the Meiji era as a cemetery for navy personnel, this somber place also contains tombs of British sailors, individual monuments, and monuments to the war dead from the battleship Yamato.

  • Youme Town is a centrally located shopping mall extremely close to Kure City’s train station, and just opposite the famous Yamato Museum.

  • Kawachiya (now Miyakehonten), founded in 1856, started making sake in 1902, the same year that Kure became incorporated as a city.

  • At military ports like Kure where many battleships congregated, gunpowder was color-coded so each ship’s gunners could identify where their shots landed. In this dramatic scene from In This Corner of the World, Suzu witnesses these colored bursts during an air raid, and envisions paint daubs in the sky.

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